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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 07 February 2010

The 7th Day of February and another 7 days to the Chinese Lunar New Year! Time for a bit of reflection without the comments on the news headlines.

The good thing about being a Chinese is that you get 2 chances to set your New Year resolutions. The one on 31 December for the new calendar year. And this one on the last day of the old Lunar New Year for the new one. ;-)

As I reviewed the calendar new year resolutions, I realized that there is nothing much to amend or to add as I am pretty clear on what I want to achieve in 2010.

At the same time, I do reflect on the number 1 resolution: to be a good human being, father, husband and son on the personal level while being a good professional at the work level.

What is a 'good' father, husband and son? It is really up to the kids, the wife, and the parents to tell is it not? On this measurement standard, I am probably far from being a good whatever! In any case, I always believe that what is 'good' is never 'good enough' as it is a high standard and I can only try hard to achieve it. I am sure there are times I succeeded and there are times I missed it totally. It is an ever going journey that I have to keep working on it.

As for being a good human being, while it is again best judged by the people who work and live with you besides your family members, I can live with 'as long as I believed I have not started out trying to hurt something or take advantage of someone, I am good on this'.

As for being a good professional, I just have to continue to be vigilant and not become complacent by giving 110% efforts in the assignments I am given; and to keep my feet on the ground when I do receive positive feedback on my performance.

It is about integrity and ETHICAL conducts as a professional. Work standard seems to be easier to achieve while the personal one involve LIFE as a whole. It is much tougher to meet the standard consistently. However, like they say: vision has to be set high so that it will stretch us and provide us a much greater satisfaction when we do get there - no matter how fleetingly!

Keep the faith and peace to the earth and peace of mind to each one of us as we carry on with life!

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