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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 06 February 2010

"Rapist teacher to pay victims $662K - Sat, Feb 06, 2010 The Daily Chilli

A Taiwanese secondary school teacher, who has been jailed for raping his students, was ordered to pay NT$15mil ($661,500) to five of his victims.

Mathematics teacher Sun Jin-shou, 58, was ordered to pay the compensation by a session court in Tainan on Friday after losing the civil suit filed by parents of five victims.

In December last year, Sun was sentenced to 28 years imprisonment for raping nine students."

Another sad case of the person who is supposed to be the model for young people committing the worst crime against the very people whom he was supposed to guide, teach, and develop! It is just that he be jailed for as long as he live as it is a menace to other innocent young people with such a beast out loose!

Lessons for me are:

1. if you commit a crime under the guise of the very profession that is supposed to protect and guide innocent and young people, you better be prepared to be punished doubly hard! There is no room for mercy for such an act. Let not mixed up kindness and justice;

2. I was surprised that he even wanted to contest this civil suit filed by the parents of his victims. I don't think he will have the money anyway being a teacher in a secondary school. That fact that he appealed seems to show that he is still harbouring some earthly ambition to be back on the street again after the 28-year jail term! Or worst, earlier with reduction for good behaviors and what not! Surely if he is repentant, he just want to serve the jail term, turnover a new leaf and start a new life, bankrupt or otherwise!;

3. may the victims find help and understanding from their family and friends as the unkind can said how could they be so gullible as to believe the teacher's saying that: "his sperms can save them from tragedies and other bad things that will happen to them". When we questioned that, let's not forget that these are young teenagers who may be influenced. It had happened. What must be done and can be done is to help them build their lives back and allow them to trust people again!

I am glad that the judges sent the culprit to jail and then fined him. It sure makes people believed that the justice system makes sense! Unlike in some develop countries or liberal countries or, worst, religious countries, that seems to think that being kind to the rapist and being cruel and demeaning to the victims is the right way!

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