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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 30 January 2010

"Sat, Jan 30, 2010 - Reuters Activist convicted for slaying Kansas abortion doctor

KANSAS CITY - An anti-abortion activist who admitted he gunned down one of America's few late-term abortion providers was convicted of first-degree murder on Friday after he testified he had to stop the doctor from performing more abortions.

Scott Roeder, 51, was convicted of first-degree murder and aggravated assault by a Wichita, Kansas, jury that deliberated for just over 30 minutes. The case attracted anti-abortion protesters from around the nation to support Roeder."

Emotion overcoming rationality. Another classical case of 'good intention went awry!'

Lessons for me are:

1. we make decision based on emotion and rationality. To solve problem, normally using rationality makes more sense as one identified the issues, analyzed the potential reasons and getting to the root causes, followed by generating the potential solutions to resolve the issues - hopefully on a permanent or longer term manner, and execute the most appropriate solutions to fruition stage. When emotion, especially very strong one, entered the problem solving equation, rationality has no chance to be heard or is overwhelmed and tragic consequences may result from it. Like in this case!;

2. it is inconceivable that anti-abortion protesters from around the USA supported Mr. Roeder. Maybe there were some who were equally emotional about this late-stage abortion issue while the majority of Americans do not support 'taking a life to save many lives' advocated by Mr. Roeder. There is consequence when one take away life illegally. While the argument can be made that the doctor who performed this type of late-stage abortion is killing 'life', it is allowed by the laws. The rational approach would be to rally the silent majority to change the laws and outlawed this practice. I am not sure if this has been attempted but failed. If it had and failed, no one can take the laws into his own hands without facing the just penalties stipulated in the laws;

3. when sharp difference in opinions developed, it is sometimes extremely difficult to reconcile the two views. Sometimes, people get impatient and resort to radical means like in this case. There is no guarantee that any self-restraint can work here as the topic simply evoked too much emotion. If only gun is banned in the USA, I wondered if the doctor will be stabbed with serious injury instead of being gunned down and killed!

May Mr. Roeder faced his sentence with calmness and the realization that 'good intention does not mean you can take the laws into your own hands and take away life - which he tried to protect!'. The irony is not lost!!

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