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Friday, January 15, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 15 January 2010

Not going to comment on News Headlines today. Instead, I will focus on the struggle with my holistic healthy lifestyle and weight management!

Still not very happy with the effort thus far in 2010 as my daily weight still stay at 76-77kg more than at 75kg!

So, this morning I decided to have breakfast with my father and then go for my gym session at the club.

I did 30mins of swimming followed by 30mins of cycling on the bike machine and ended with a 2-session of 30mins jog on the treadmill machine.

At the end of the session I weighed in at 74.1kg on the gym's scale!! This is fantastic. I am totally elated!! It shows that there is NO short cut once again when it comes to keeping a disciplined holistic lifestyle of eating right and exercising regularly (and with a bit of gusto!).

In this session, I am able to get to a constant speed of above 8km/hr this time and I feel really good about. To be most comfortable the speed is probably slightly above 7.5km/hr. So, if I can sustain this speed for the 2010 Singapore Marathon, I will be able to do it within 6 hours for sure!

It is something I like to target at this year. I will monitor my progress throughout the year.

Well, I know this is trivial compared to the calamity in Haiti. What with the aid getting stuck in the airport and not getting to the victims of the devastating earthquake quickly enough to save lives!! It is a done deal and we just need to tackle it the best possible to move the aid along. It will not changed overnight though all foreign helpers just keep doing what they can and not give up.

Have a good weekend to all wherever you are and no matter how bad the situation may be.

Keep the faith...

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