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Friday, January 15, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 14 January 2010

"World Bank eyes 100 million dollars in aid to Haiti - Thu, Jan 14, 2010 AFP

WASHINGTON, US - The World Bank said Wednesday it planned to provide an additional 100 million dollars (S$139.08 million) in emergency aid to Haiti to help the impoverished country cope with a devastating earthquake.

'This is a shocking event and it is crucial that the international community supports the Haitian people at this critical time,' Robert Zoellick, president of the 186-nation development lender, said in a statement."

It looked pretty pretty bad on the newsreel and from the BBC broadcasting and Singapore 93.8Live radio stations. This nation is a basket case in some respect even before this devastating earthquake struck. It has many well educated but, unfortunately, corrupt officials that were more interested in lining their own pockets than to serve the people. Nevertheless, the people deserved some sympathy and help.

Lessons for me are:

1. natural disaster can strike anytime and anywhere. Though earthquake will strike as long as you live near the ring of fire. When it struck, the densely populated urbanised part of the country will suffer the most damages. This is the fact. People just have to live with it;

2. each time an earthquake struck, there will be report of shoddy workmanship and insufficient &/or unsuitable building materials were used in building the offices, homes, and schools, etc. This is true in Taiwan, in China, in Turkey, and I am quite sure, in Haiti, as well. This revealed a flaw in human being. The honest builder will never do that. But a builder who is only interested in his or her bottom line will always do it! Any loss of life can be attributed to the builders and those who were hired to supervise the construction process;

3. the USA is taking a lead in provide aids to its Southern neighbour. I guessed it is a good distraction from the enormous financial problem it is facing by playing the giver of good will. After all, USD100m is just a drop in the bucket vs. the USD700B pledged to stabilize and revive the economy!

My condolences to the dead and their families. May those who survived gather the strengths to sort through the mess and live on. To live is to have another opportunity to make a difference. No matter how bleak the future hold. There are help available. Get them and move on. No matter how painful...

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