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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Daily Lessons from Life 26 December 2009

"Dr M dares Barry Wain to prove allegations - Sat, Dec 26, 2009 The Star/Asia News Network

PETALING JAYA - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has challenged author of Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir in Turbulent Times to provide documented proof that he had burnt RM100bil (S$42bil) during his tenure as prime minister."

This is a very timely news after what my comments on 'Malaysian Air Force engine was STOLEN and found SOLD to someone...!!'.

Corruption is the main disease plaguing Malaysia now. It is creating great discomfort in the daily life of Malaysians as laws and orders broke down, top political leaders were fending for themsvels and protecting their 'right' to more 'ill-gotten gains'. People has lost their trust in the political leaders. The followers of these corrupted leaders are doing what their crooked leaders are doing and corruption permeates through almost every level of Malaysian's daily life. This make normally and efficient functioning of normal life very much more difficult than necessary.

Lessons for me are:

1. Tun Dr Mahatir challenging the writer to prove documented proof of his corruption during this tenure as prime minister is a welcome one. Either the allegation is true or proved to be false. The nation can then move forward one way or the other;

2. Tun Dr Mahatir also asked the Board of Inquiry (BOI) that will be set up to also investigate other alleged corruptions by other leaders of the nation among other demands. This is very good as we need to clear the air about his tenure as well as his successor, Pak Lah, as well as the current leaders since EVERYONE seems to be involved with corruption!! Of course, IF the CURRENT leaders are involved with corruption as well, then they will probably try to pooh pooh the BOI investigation and return a 'NOBODY is corrupt' verdict. If that is the case, it showed how cunning and smart Tun Dr Mahatir is. Of course, these are just speculation for now;

3. a corporation and a nation is shaped primarily by its leaders. If the leaders are NOT doing the right things, the culture will be that of 'not doing the right things'. Leaders have a very important and significant influence on how the culture is formed. Hence, the need to make sure that the leaders internalized their own personal values to be the righteous ones. That the leaders implement processes that will keep them in check and on their toes to do the RIGHT THINGS. e.g. check-and-balance mechanism, daily in-your-face reminder that the leader is NOT good enough and there are always room to be better, etc...

Will the BOI challenge be taken up? Will the nation finally get to see what actually happened in the past? Will the truth be told to the people so that they can decide if the leaders are deserving of their supports? Will the followers take the impartial stance when examining the evidence presented?

May Malaysians find the truth and take actions to make progress as the strengths of Malaysia is profiled again: freedom to speak. NOW it just need to get to the next level: Freedom to act on the FREEDOM to SPEAK!! if something illegal and/or unethical are uncovered.

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