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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Daily Lessons from Life 25 December 2009

Today is Christmas day. Well wishes to all Christian friends.

No headline for me today as I like to dwell on my challenge in meeting my weight target in 2009.

For those who have been following my whining and moaning about how I keep missing the weight target of 75kg this year and how I want to make the struggle end by hitting the target by 31 December 2009 will probably got tired of my 'explanations' of why it is such a struggle this year.

Even after completing my marathon on 6 Dec 2009, I am not hitting the 75kg target!! WHY?

After much soul searching, these are the 'excuses' I have to eliminate and get REAL!!

1. scale as changed to a digital one this year. It is more precise and my weight goes up by 1kg. It also meant that I weighed 89kg on 1 Jan 2008 instead of 88kg and I lost 13kg by 15 Apr 2008 to 76kg instead of 75kg!!;

2. I ditched the stationary bicycle machine as it conked out on me towards the end of last year. That machine really helped me to continue to exercise on those off jogging days/nights. I did not get that this year!! Bad mistake not to replace it;

3. indiscipline in my eating! I allowed myself too many 'lapses' this year. Always relying on the excuse that: 'I will jog longer and harder if I over-eat once in a while!'. Well, I never really made up enough to burn the excesses even though I jog longer distance each time. My speed went down!!;

Having identified all these excuses, I am ready to make the final push for the 75kg by 31 Dec 2009. It is only 6 more days to go and I am sure I will make it!!

Probably not going to replace the bike machine soon enough by 31 Dec 2009 but the eating bit and the harder jog can be done to get me there!! Let me tell you the good news on 31 Dec 2009!!

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