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Friday, December 18, 2009

Daily Lessons from Life 18 December 2009

No headlines commentary again for today.

Today I wrote my Annual Farewell 2009 and Welcome 2010 email to my friends and associates.

It is a piece where I reflect on the past year and share with people I work with before everyone go on their annual holidays and indulge in the festival merry making and, sometimes, over-eating!

In 2009, I have many things to be grateful for.

1. Be Meaningful
- raised fund for the Singapore Cancer Society with my 2nd Singapore Marathon jog n walk. The generous support of many of my friends is energizing!;

- increased my involvement as Volunteer Probation Officer with the Probation Service Branch;

- delivered the 1st 7e Way of Leaders Workshop in SH with the help of PSB Consulting SH. A passion I have to share the 7e Leadership as I believed it is helpful to develop a Leader that produces a Sustainable Success!;

- continued on the journey of trying to be a better human being, father, husband, and son.

2. At work
- being given opportunities to work with Ken Blanchard (with Jacinta Rajoo and others) for a few companies in Bangkok, KL, and Penang;

- continued the productive liaison with BCM on Project Mgt Workshops in Singapore at SIM, ST Kinetic, HPB; and the special project for SibelcoAsia in Bangkok through Dana Chan's introduction from SH!;

- enjoyed the customized workshops for Zeullig Pharma in Hkg with Kong Chin;

- continued the love affair with MU Asia by delivering a workshop in Taiwan and another in Singapore. It is energizing and exciting to work with Motorolans always as I still have a deep feeling for the company;

- to persist on exploration of the 7e Leadership program in SH with PSB Consulting SH. I will do whatever it takes to get it off the ground...;

3. At the Personal Level
- continued the struggle against keeping the discipline to bring the weight down to 75kg. A battle I have not really gained control this year as I am stagnating at 76kg and even regressed to 77-78kg when I eat 'carelessly and slacked on exercising'!! I need to step up the commitment and efforts!!;

- excited with Scott Wong's 1st Marathon of 3hr45mins!! He also raise funds for his charity of choice with this run. A fine young man indeed;

- witnessed the happy union of Allan Kwan and Clara Shiu in BJ with old friends. Of course, we had a ball of a time with Allan's Bachelor Party night!;

- enjoyed the chance to meet up with friends in each of the cities I visited this year. It gives me much joy to be able to do that as my wife said before: I am a Friend Person!!

- enjoyed the annual year-end break with my family in Taiwan from 7-14 Dec 2009 after my marathon on 6 Dec 2009. Good time to catch up and unwind as the 2 elder kids may not want to travel with us when they find their Mr. or Ms Right in the near future!

As for 2010, I know I have the opportunity to do the Right Things Right on "things I should have done better in 2009'!

Chief among them will be the continuation of the holistic healthy lifestyle of 'exercising regularly and eating rationally'!! With health as the foundation, the many things I want to accomplish in 2010 will be that much easier.

I will update the 2010 Resolutions by 31 Dec 2009 in this blog.

Good night.

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