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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daily Lessons from Life 16-17 December 2009

Forgot to write the 16 Dec 2009 blog last night!! Probably due to fatigue and tiredness!! Not a good reason but an excuse. Sorry.

So here are the 2-Day Version without the News Headlines.

16 Dec 2009
Completed editing the Taiwan holidays that I took with my family from 07-14 Dec 2009, a day right after my 2nd Singapore Marathon 'jog n walk' on 6 Dec 2009 for 6hrs n 20mins. It was a good break and I did not really suffered from the cramps and pains of the marathon on this trip. The main reason is due to the proper recovery process observed right after the marathon vs. what I did last year. This demonstrated that knowing the proper method and executing it faithfully is important. Just like us learning life skills and applying them well make a big difference in us winning respect and friends instead of offending people and earning disrespect from people whom we work with.

17 Dec 2009
Two of the most meaningful things I did today were:

1. spending some time with my 2nd brother just chatting about life and kids and the holidays we just had. It is rare that we took time to just sit and chat as he is working full time and have a family to take care of while I have plenty of time to 'waste'! We did that a few months back and we liked the idea of just chatting. So, this is the 2nd time and I hope to make it a regular feature at least once a quarter or once every 4 months;

2. visited Mr. YF Tan, the ex-Motorola colleague who suffered a stroke almost 6 months ago while visiting his daughter and son-in-law in LA, USA, at his home. He has recovered fairly well from the 1st time a few of us visited him at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Of course, he made great progress when we visited him 2-mth ago when he moved to the Thye Hua Kuan Community Hospital where it takes on rehabilitation patients. This afternoon, he looked good and is at home. His elder sister from Penang came down to help out. Mrs. Tan is working hard to take care of him. They also have an Indonesian maid helping out. He is lucid and working hard too to continue on this journey of recovery. I shared with him the 'Encouragement Bib' for the marathon which I dedicated to him and he seems to like it. I left it with him and his wife actually read some of the words to him. I think recovering from a stroke is more challenging than completing the 42.195km marathon. It will take the same amount of resolve and determination, the same amount of optimism and positive energy and self-belief that one will complete the course regardless of cramps or pains.

I am comforted when Mrs. Tan said to us that she found strengths from our visits and supports. It is the least that we can do as friends. It is long hard journey back to full recovery. Everyone can contribute to encourage. We all know that the biggest difference will be determined by none of us but the patient himself. Then the spouse and other relatives and helpers closest to the situation.

We promised to visit him regularly and I told YF we can walk the marathon when he is ready in 2-year time!! That is a promise.

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