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Monday, November 24, 2008

Daily Lesson from Life 23 November 2008

Another day of no news headlines for comments and reflection!

I slept for a good 10 hours today recovering from the 'food disagreement' with my body! After the 10 hours rest, I felt well enough to have my dinner snack and then go out for a 140mins jog/walk around the neighbourhood.

The feeling of being able to jog and walk around is simply fantastic. My wife was a bit worry about my insistence to go jog after laying flat on my back for 10 hours! I assured her my days of being 'gung ho' and trying to impress ladies and do stupid thing are over! I will be very careful not to push myself over the cliff! It is not my intention to be a disruption to the daily grim financial and economic news headlines! ;-)

Keeping healthy is really a choice unless one is afflicted with some genetic illnesses. To have good health is the foundation of building and enjoy good wealth.

Lessons for me:

1. not trying to keep healthy is not really an option. Even when you try to keep healthy you do, sometimes, get hit by bugs that crept up on you unsuspectingly. However, as you have a healthy body to stay with, you are better able to fight it off and recover quicker;

2. it is never easy to break out of a lifestyle of over-eating, over-consuming, and avoidance of pains! When we become successful and materially wealthier, we begin to over-eat and over-consume. Sometimes, unconsciously or unthinkingly. So, we need to plant the thought of 'stop over-eating and over-consuming' in our conscious mind by repeating it countless time until it seeps into our subconscious mind so that we will stop over-eating and over-consuming! This coupled with actually taking actions that promote healthy eating and moderating consuming will facilitate us to develop the new and better habit quickly and with lesser pains!;

3. it is easy to back-slid into our old bad habits when we first form the new good habits. So, we need to have allies who will be willing to tell us whenever we back-slid. Those are are willing to be a torn at our side. Those who are willing to be the pest! It will NOT be easy to find these allies as it is easier to find people who come and ride on your bandwagons and enjoy the over-eating and over-spending! So, when you find these 'thorns in your side', treasured them as they are your true friends!

I look forward to getting back into my nightly blogging routine after these 2-days of catching up!

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