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Friday, July 27, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 25-26 July 2018 - Slashing in Sgp? Pay for it dearly PLEASE!!

An aside, a firework like device went off in front of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, PRC this afternoon. Remarkably it was reported publicly!! Who could that perpetrator be? A patriot who is indignant at US bullying China in the ongoing threat of trade war? or a loco with personal unresolved issue?

Intetesting tea leaf gazing n spinning conspiracy theory?

"7 men arrested over Serangoon Road slashing incident

SINGAPORE: Seven Singaporean men were arrested on Thursday (Jul 26) over an attack on a 27-year-old man in Little India. 
The suspects, aged 17 to 28, were arrested near Corporation Road and Block 26 Sin Ming Industrial Estate, the police said. 
The incident took place at about 2.20pm on Wednesday at 202 Serangoon Road.
The suspects were believed to have slashed the victim on the back of his head, body, hands and legs with a kitchen knife and a samurai sword before fleeing in a car. 
The victim was taken conscious to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. 
All the suspects are under investigation for rioting and being armed with a deadly weapon. If found guilty, they could be jailed for up to 10 years and caned. 
Police said in a news release late on Thursday that five of the suspects, aged between 17 and 28, will be charged in court on Friday. 
Preliminary investigations show that the incident is believed to have arisen from a personal feud, added the police."
Well well well. A broad daylight attack by 7 men against 1 in Little India.
What were they thinking to hv the audacity to commit such a violent crime in "low crime doesn't mean no crime" Sgp!!
When they come up for a fair trial, it is hoped that the judge will mete out the maximum sentence so that the message is VERY VERY CLEAR: that any violent crime will be punished with the max sentence allowed under the laws! Let there be no doubt in any would be future copycats or perpetrators minds that they will pay if they committed such crime.
Whatever the personal feud, violent crimes are totally not condoned!

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