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Friday, June 22, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 21 June 2018 - Finally the purge starts ...?

"Edmund Cheng to replace Lee Hsien Yang as CAAS chairman

SINGAPORE: There will be a new chairman at the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) from Jul 1.
Edmund Cheng Wai Wing will be appointed to the position, taking over from Lee Hsien Yang, said the Ministry of Transport (MOT) in a news release on Thursday (Jun 21). 
"The Ministry of Transport would like to put on record its appreciation to Mr Lee Hsien Yang for his many years of dedicated and distinguished service to the CAAS," it said in the press release."
Finally LHY is relinquishing his 1st of many public appointments of GLCs. That it took this long was a surprise for me given he allegedly said he cannot operate in Sgp with the tussle between him n the PM of Sgp, his elder brother!!
It seems that he did contributed positively during his 9 yrs tenure. That's good to know.
Rumours had it that LHY n his wife r residing in Hkg SAR, so maybe he can relinquish ALL his appointments to any GLC n statutory boards. 
As for Edmund Cheng, he is one of the most trusted associates of the Lee family, best years r still ahead!!

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