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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 05 June 2018 - Absurdity know no bound!!

"RM9.4 billion scandal involving two gas pipeline projects uncovered: Lim Guan Eng

Although SSER said that the three-year projects started in April last year, only 14.5 per cent of the Multi-Product Pipeline was completed as of March 2018. The Trans-Sabah Gas Pipeline achieved only 11.4 per cent completion during the same period.
"We have discovered that the payment schedule for the above contracts are based almost entirely on timeline milestones, and not on progressive work completion milestones," said Lim."
"Former Malaysia PM Najib defends scandal-hit gas pipeline projects
“To my recollection, I am confident that all necessary process procedures and laws have been complied with in the negotiation and execution of the two pipeline projects raised by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng today,” Najib said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.
The former prime minister on Tuesday defended the deal, saying that the projects, which were negotiated on a government-to-government basis with China, would bring much economic and energy security benefits to Malaysia.
“I also note that Guan Eng had stated that all payments were made as per agreement to the China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, a fully-owned subsidiary of one of the largest company in the world, the China state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation - not to any other parties,” Najib said."
Who to believe? 
Key is: is the basis of payment based on Milestone Dates more logical or that based on Completion Milestones?
The answer will decide if it makes sense or otherwise.
The other question will be: did the money really go to the contracting parties or other associated parties unknown to the payor(s)?
Absurdity knows no bound.
Facts n reality truly can be wilder than fiction!!
If there was wrongdoing, may justice be served. AGAIN!!

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