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Monday, June 4, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 03 June 2018 - Shangri-la Dialogue

The 2-Day annual regional security forum, The Shangri-la Diaogue, concluded today with Defences Minister Ng concluding:

1. a rule-based ordr is the most appropriate for the region n the world, especially so for small nations;

2. it would b a lose-lose for the world if relationship between China n USA or USA n China is strained n both cannot cooperate n collaborate together! I might add: those who let this happened will b remembered as "the idiots who blown the chance for regional n world peace!". Of course, some will laud them for "fighting for their own nation's interests n b hailed as patriots!!";

3. The lessons learned fr the Philippines of the fall of Marawi City lost to, n liberated from, a branch of the ISIS r instructive n very real!! How to prevent recruitment n arming 9f radicals canno be taken lightly! Fr what i learned fr TV reports n news analysis, the rebuilding of the fallen city is still very much at unsatisfactory stage as far as the Marawi City residents who lost their hones!!

May this never happen to us n anyone else.

Next big meeting will b the Trump-Kim Summit on 12th June. Let's c how it will go if it did proceed.

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