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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 23 May 2018 - Can we stop comparing the Msia n Sgp Government?

"Salaries of Malaysian ministers to be cut by 10%: PM Mahathir


"Abolishing GST"

Can u be faulted if u want to compare the salaries of Msia ministers n Sgp ones? Or that the Msia government is abolishing the GST while Sgp want to (or may) raise GST by 2%?

Also if u read abt the way the Msia govenment linked companies (GLC) operates will remind u of how Sgp GLCs work too. Of course the critical difference is Sgp ones make money in general while the Msia ones, as shown here, were instruments for corrupt-to-the-core PM n associates to harness money for whatever pleasure they somehow enjoyed n indulged in!!

Having said that, the similarity of potential conflicts of interest or lack of check-and-balance with the PM's wife reporting to him when he was also finance minister. Again it must be stated clearly that Temasek has returned positive returns in investment. 

At the same time, it is reasonable to ask: should it be left to benevolence or should a clear check-and-balance mechanism be implemented as good governance?

Maybe someone can pick it up in parliament?

Blessed Sgp n Singaporeans!!

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