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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 24 April 2018 - New cabinet n Toronto's mauling by a van driver

1. New cabinet of Sgp has been announced, ending the fun guessing game!

There will b 3 female ministers, 3 veteran ministers rumoured to be retiring retired!, and 11 out of 16 ministries will b helmed by new ministers!!

Important thing is: The PM, 2DPMs, the Finance, Defense, Health n Laws n Home Affairs see no changes.

Let's see how they perform in the next 2 years.

2. A driver killed 10 innocent lives mauling them down coldbloodedly n injuring many more for no clear motive thus far!

This is surreal as i was walking with my buddy just last month along Yonge Street where the murderous scene was!!

This episode had a very dramatic end when the suspect tried to get the cop confronting him to "Kill me." while brandihing what he claimed to be a gun in his hand!! The Royal Canadian Mountains Police (RCMP) did not obliged n stared him down to a peaceful surrended! A veey different outcome had it been American police!!

The suspect is now being charged for 10 counts of 1st degree murders n the family n friends of the dead just want to know WHAT DROVE the driver to commit this dastardly act!!??

What's his motivation? Is he mental? If so, he still MUST KNOW he has to pay for these murders!! Put him away so he will never lay a hand on anyone in his mental state!!

RIP to the dead. Condolences to the surviving famile members n friends. Safe quick recovery for the injured n kudos to the law enforcement n emergency services people.

My friend n I could hv been those killed or injured!! Damned!!

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