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Friday, April 6, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 04-05 April 2018 - UK MasterChef

1. "'I didn't mean it should be fried, like a fried chicken': MasterChef judge defends crispy rendang comment"

It always amazes me when grown men could not stop defending themselves when they made a commonsense mistake!!

This guy is not helping defending his comments that he didn't mean the rendang chicken need to be fried till crispy as rendang anything is NOT fried let alone fried till crispy!!


2. "Scoot flight returns to Singapore after alleged bomb threat; man arrested"

Not sure what got into the mind of this 41-yr old passenger to say he has a bomb in his carry on bag!! Was he joking so badly that the crews have to assume his threat is real or as long as he uttered the word bomb, the safety protocol of bomb threat handling kicks in automatically?

I totally agree with auto triggering of the bomb threat protocol as many lives are at stake n one must erred on the side of caution. It is not kiasi but simple prudence!!

Hope we know more abt what exactly did the person said to the crews, why and what could hv been done differently safely if any!!

A 1st flight return due to a false bomb threat that still rattled many!!

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