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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 28 February 2018 - Money or Feeling will destabilize Sgp!?

OMG! Before u know it, 1/6th of 2018 is gone!! What hv I achieved against the 2018 Resolutions? Got to be mindful now!! ps: is it me or its just that time moves faster for the "older" folks?

"Inequality a threat to Singapore's solidarity; needs to be looked into: Sylvia Lim

SINGAPORE: Addressing Parliament on day two of the Budget debate, Workers’ Party chairman Sylvia Lim urged the Government to delve deeper into the sources of inequality in Singapore, saying the issue is a threat to the solidarity of the nation.
The first of her fellow opposition members to speak on Wednesday (Feb 28), Ms Lim questioned, after all the initiatives by the Government throughout the years to mitigate inequality, how much it really knows about its successes in reducing inequality and how much more needs to be done. 
She said Singapore’s Gini coefficient, which highlight’s a country’s income distribution, stood at 0.459 before Government transfers in 2017, and 0.402 after transfers. Quoting Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s words in January, Ms Lim said while this is an improvement from 2013, it is still higher than many developed countries.
Other data also point to high levels of income inequality in Singapore, Ms Lim said. Beyond numbers, Ms Lim said this level of inequality is affecting poorer Singaporeans in their daily lives.
“While better off parents are busy at weekends sending children from one enrichment activity to another, poorer parents ... spend it working and worrying about whether their unsupervised children will fall into bad company,” Ms Lim said.
“Many of our lower-income residents work hard and even (hold) two jobs, but may still be unable to pay their bills.""
Well said by Ms Lim! Hopefullt the government will give the ideas deep thoughts before responding. 
When u if lots of material wealthy in one or two places, even in a family, the "poorer ones" who felt they had the wrong end of the deal despite work just as hard as the others WILL become unhappy n restless. Then instability will occur eventually.
Witnessed many wealthy families with huge riches ended up fighting each other in courts!
So, count not just the 1trillion of national reserve but how it is used to spread around more!!

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