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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 26 March 2018 - Falsehood select committees n Grab Monopoly?

1. Falsehood select committee hearing

Very interesting sparring between the Select Committee n Facebook (FB) rep n the Human Right Watches (HRW)!

The FB rep on the viral clip I saw was totally confused by Minister Shanmugan when Shan mentioned the UK Parliament while the FB guy responded abt US congress! The FB guy also appeared to be too confrontation! He is obviously under big delusion as u can' speak to the minister in such manner in Sgp! Need cultural sensitivity training!!

2. Uber sold to Grab!!

Comical! After the promises of an INNOVATIVE APP n creating competition, these 2 companies announced a "marriage"!

The drivers r affected. Some were fired by Grab n went over to Uber! Now they may never get to qualify for Grab! How?

Anyway, the Competition Commission will hv to rule on this merger n assess if it will create a monopoly!!

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