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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 24 March 2018 - "x-criminal" Lawyer...

"'It all came to nothing': 'Gangster lawyer' Josephus Tan on his political ambitions

SINGAPORE: Josephus Tan has worn the label of "gangster lawyer" like a badge of honour. Among the things that make him stand out are his long hair, a physical manifestation of his delinquent past, and the tattoos on his arms, a tribute to his father. 
For years, he has been a darling of the local media.
The story of his dramatic turnaround from delinquent to a prominent lawyer who’s handled some high-profile criminal cases, including the recent case of Annie Ee, the intellectually disabled waitress who was tortured to death by a husband and wife, also inspired a Channel U drama, Second Chance.
In the lead-up to the 2015 General Election, there was even talk that he might be fielded as a political candidate for the People’s Action Party (PAP)."
Interesting story n a real one too.
It is understandable why he did not get nominated to be the PAP candidate in GE2015 considering his financial imbalance then (n marriage breakdown in 2017 though on amiable term n at his initiation). After all, PAP is still a fairly conservative political party who seems more at ease with GLCs n armed forces folks!!
Actually I wonder is there a need for him to defend the abusers of Annie Ee as should not the court to appoint a lawyer fr legal aids to do it? What is the mechanism for the legal system to find or assign a lawyer to defend anyone who has no mean to hire one? When no one want to volunteer pro bono, can the court assign?
Anyway, glad that he is still keen on politics n that he may get a chance to prove his worth of serving the people at a higher level of suggesting, debating n making good policies n laws!!
N get his life back in balance!!

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