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Friday, March 23, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 22 March 2017 - World Trade War?

So Trump wants USD60B of China's import into USA to be taxed. Then he said there is some grace period for consultation. The financial market supposedly reacted in the USA immediately n now in Asia as people r concerned a full scale trade war between China n USA will erupt!!

Alas, will it come to fruition? I doubt so. Even if it does, USA will still b ok as it can b self-sufficient! Just that China will hv to find other countries to export their stuffs!!

Maybe in this "consultation period", they find each other to be actually adorable n come to some romances n avert these tariffs hike eventually!!

Let's c is this a Fat Kim's playbook of "I m unpredictable!" or actually well scripted (just want some dramas) with a mutually acceptable outcome!

M I dreaming or it is what it is??

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