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Monday, February 26, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 25 February 2018 - Its a done deal for Chairman Do n more...

1. The CCP has changed the terms of President n Vice President to no limit!! This means Pres8dent Xi, or Chairman Xi, can stay on beyond the 2-term of 6 years comes end of his 2nd term, assuming he still holds on to power!!

Maybe he feels that he needs more than 12 years to realise his vision of: "Making China great n the Chinese proud again in peace, stability n prosperity shared with the world!!"

Hope it goes as planned as one can easily lost sight of one's vision when one becomes narcissistic!

2. Sgp history teacher "teaching students to recognise fake news/information" n how to counter it's spread!!

This is a great initiative as false information were deliberately introduced n test how the normally compliant n obedient students react n respond! Thankfully some, or most, of them were able to discern that something is not quite right n challenge the "fakes"!!

The aim of this exercise is to make our students to thrive in fake news instead of just coping!!

3. The Winter Olympics closed in Pyeongchang today n will move to Beijing in 2022. Norway has emerged top of the heap, unsurprisingly perhaps.

Sgp had a speed ice skater this time
 Maybe more next time.

Regretfully, at least 2 Russian athletes were found doping. Guessed it is winning at all cost bringing disgrace to them.

We must remember, sports is just a sports. Never worth doping!!

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