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Friday, February 23, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 21-22 February 2018 - CHC's Chew n more ...

1. was caught up with a mistake made in saving a pptx file m had to work through the news to recreate as many information as I could remember while still fresh in the memories! Went to bed at 5.30am!!

A great start to 人日. Happy n healthy birthday to all.

2. Comical or not depending on if u r CHC's Chew, the convicted CBT fund manager of CHC getting caught while supposedly trying to flee Sgp on a motorised sampan pretending to hv gone open sea fishing!!

He supposedly hard prayed hard n still got caught. Not hard enough?

Anyway, jumping bail of Sgd1m (as claimed) is NOT a fresh criminl offence! Another "outdated" law that the Ministry of Laws is trying to fix. Maybe if all judges disregard precedents when delivering their verdicts, many criminals who can afford a good lawyers or two will get off lighter or free!!

3. Sgp Budget 2018
Still a lot of discussins n even controversies on how the Sgd9.6B was arrived at as it differs fr the measure use by IMF/World Bank supposedly!

By their measures, Budget 2017 Surplus should be Sgd32B including 8B(?) from state land sales n 100% of Net Investment Returns Contribution (NIRC)!!

MoF supposedly acknowledged that too EXCEPT it insists our computation metg9d8is more prudent n "correct"!

Well, if these r true, maybe someone not in the ruling government can contest the method in the COS debates.

As a layman, proceeds fr state land sales r the perfect match to finance long term Infrastructure projects n not fr GST hike for recurring expenditures.

Sgp government has to deeply soul-search the sacred cow of: "We cannot use all the NIRC". It can be used 100% the NIRC as long as we don't touch the national reserves principal of more than Sgd300B or more!!

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