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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 10 February 2018 - Junta n Democracy

"Scores defy Thai junta with rally demanding elections

BANGKOK: Scores of Thais on Saturday (Feb 10) gathered in defiance of a junta ban on protests to call for a return to democracy, as public anger mounts over prolonged military repression.
The ruling junta has kept a tight lid on dissent since its 2014 coup by outlawing gatherings of more than five people and ramping up use of a draconian royal defamation law.
But impatience with the generals has been building in recent weeks and breaking through the surface in a series of creative and increasingly bold protests.
The agitation has been fuelled by a spate of graft scandals, including one that has ensnared the junta's No. 2, plus the postponement of elections the regime had promised for November 2018.
On Saturday, scores of people gathered on the pavement across from the Democracy Monument in Bangkok's old quarter with banners that said "Stop hanging on to power, stop postponing elections.""
Well when one promised something in public n to the public, there is certain expectation that u hv to deliver. Yes?
May the Thais find the solution they longed for n deserved as their nation continue to search for an effective governance structure that is stable n offered long term progress.
A benign dictatorship or a chaotic unstable democracy or a stable democracy where politicians truly care for the majority of the nation instead of just narrow interests!

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