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Monday, January 1, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 31 December 2017 - Farewell 2017 Welcome 2018

2017 has its ups n downs. Just like any other year. Each has its positive n negative impact.

For Sgp, let's deal with the not so pleasant things:

1. PM Lee n his siblings' public spat abt their father's home, 38 Oxley left bitter taste in all. Most unfortunate;

2. SMRT's never ending farce from breakdown to falsification of maintenance to fraud of Sgd89.8m;

3. ST Marine n Keppel O&M bribery charges with Keppel O&M being fine USD422m!! An unprecedented sum in corporate Sgp! Both r Temasek related companies!!

These cases were recalled due to the recency effect. Yet, they r very significant happenings!

The good r:

1. the economy grew by 3.5%. Double the initial estimates by the government. It also shows sometimes we got lucky as we did not know how we managed to get those numbers since we were expecting worst results!!;

2. we got our 1st "elected" female President. Malay or Indian not really clear. That is insignificant as what is important is that she is a a Muslim. Would hv been easier if we just celebrate her as the 1st female "elected" SO!!;

3. Mr Low of WP has declared he will not contest for the Sec Gen post of the WP next. Interesting to see how WP will fare with whoever the new Sec Gen who has to lead they to contest in the 2019 or 2020 General Election against the so-called PAP 4th generation leaders!

For each individual, whatever things turned out to be, cherish the Good n Forget the Bad n Ugly. Look forward to 2018 n make it a better one as best u could for yourelf n your loved ones.

Take the SkillFuture grant to be a lifelong learner. Just be truthful n avoid claiming falsely like those who had been charged for defrauding SkillFuture authority by Sgd40+m in less than 2 yrs!!

Wishing all readers a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful n Prosperous 2018.

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