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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 15 January 2018 - A lighter moment?

"3 women arrested for being naked in public, 5 for drug offences

SINGAPORE: Eight women have been arrested in a late-night raid of public entertainment outlets, said the police in a news release on Monday (Jan 15). 
The joint operation with the Central Narcotics Bureau took place last Thursday. It started at 11pm and went on for six hours.
Three of the women were arrested for appearing nude in public. Among them, two were also suspected of flouting employment and immigration laws. 
The other five women were arrested for suspected drug-related offences. Channel NewsAsia understands that the women were all arrested at Cuppage Plaza. 
Investigations against the suspects are ongoing, said the police."

Hmm. Why would the 3 women be naked in public? As for drug related offences, any human, male or female, can be addicted to drug! That's how it is!!

Anyway, a release of sort from the dire news of Trump tweeting about some countries r like "shxthole" or some French radio woman saying woman can "orgasm during a rape" or the H&M fashion company's online advert of a black kid titled: "The monkey in a garden" or something to that effect! i.e. the world media full of people saying unbelievably STUPID THINGS n expect the rest of the world to be as moronic n idiotic as them!!

Blessed the enforcement officers n the 8 ladies arrested. 

ps: great to see PM Lee n Msia PM Najib officially opening the joint development properties of the Duo n Marina One. 

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