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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 13 January 2018 - Citizens' Jury: War on Diabetes

"Inaugural Citizens’ Jury reveals recommendations for the War on Diabetes"


Was involved wirh this inaugural Citizens' Jury on War on Diabetes n m thankful for the experience!!

Held over 6 weeks with 3 face-to-face whole day Saturdays n 2 weeks of online/WhatsApp group discussion n research culminating in this morning presentation to SMS Dr Amy Khor n her many MOH n related government agencies senior people.

1. when diverse people come together to share n suggestion solutions with the common purpose of solving a particular challenge, it can be very powerful! Esp when some r diabetic patients, caregivers, doctors, healthcare providers, medical students, NGO specializing un helping diabetics, etc.

Real, intimate n infectious as people can relate personal trials n tribulations of how they prevent or manage well their condition! N what can be changed!!;

2. there is expressed commitment by the SMS n MOH that they will respond to the CJ's recommendations in 3 months time!! This is unlike past public consultation practices where people give feedback n then nothing heard!!;

3. I learned a lot from fellow jurors on technical as well as emotional aspects of diabetes. Realised that despite the assertion that Singaporeans r apathetic n dispassionate, it is not true. 76 stuck through the 7 weeks!! They do expect the authorities to respond to them!!;

4. when each with a specific talent n expertise or experience stepped up to help in the final preparation for today'
 final CJ Report n ppt presentation, the outcome is impressive n powerful. The VIPs acknowledged that as much!!

5. I know for sure for some of the jurors, they will carry out whatever ideas they had recommended whether the government will help them or not!! A positive belief they will do what is right regardless! True empowerment n I salute them

Hv a restful Sunday as a new week begins!!

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