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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 29 December 2017 - Electricity price increase n cheaper milk fr public hospitals

1. "Electricity tariffs to increase by 6.3% for next three months

SINGAPORE: Electricity tariffs will increase by an average of 6.3 per cent or 1.26 cents per kWh from Jan 1 to Mar 31, 2018 compared with the previous quarter, SP Group announced on Friday (Dec 29) n a media release. 
SP Group attributed the increase to "the higher cost of natural gas for electricity generation, which increased by 14 per cent compared to the previous quarter". 
The average monthly electricity bill for families living in four-room HDB flats will increase by S$4.78, it said. 
"SP Group reviews the electricity tariffs quarterly based on guidelines set by the Energy Market Authority (EMA), the electricity industry regulator," it said."
This will not go down well with the consumers who r already facing many types of increases in daily essential goods n services.

Would be interesting to know if SP Group could hv followed the EMA's guideline n decided NOT to increase since it only cost a 4-room HDB household am extra S$4.78/mth?? (if we hv 2m HDB households, SP Group would make another S$10m/mth. More than enough to cover the increase of 14% for gas used to generate the electricity?)

How much PROFIT is SP Group currently generating n if it has kept enough sinking fund for its infrastructure maintenance n renewal?

2. "Public hospitals to offer more affordable milk formula to newborns

Public hospitals to offer more affordable milk formula to newborns

The move is part of an effort to reduce the financial burden that infant milk formula can place on young parents.
The SingHealth group procurement office will be purchasing Nestle Lactogen and Danone Dulac Ready-to-Feed infant formula in bulk on behalf of Singapore General Hospital (SGH), KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and National University Hospital.
Currently, the hospitals procure their own RTF infant formula from six companies - Abbott, Mead Johnson, FrieslandCampina, Danone, Nestle and Wyeth.
Senior Minister of State for Health Dr Amy Khor announced the initiative on Friday (Dec 29) during a visit to the labour and maternity wards at SGH. Nestle and Danone’s contracts with SingHealth will last from Jul 1, 2018 to Jun 30, 2019 with SingHealth, before being re-evaluated.
In Singapore, 86 per cent of mothers who gave birth in public hospitals this year had exclusively breastfed their babies at the point of being discharged from hospital."
This news on the contrary will b welcome by the consumers though some will still prefer expensive but same quality milk!!
One wonder r these 2 things orchestrated so that the left hand takes more n the r8ght8hand gives a little!!
Alas, can't be!! It must be just coincidental!!
ps: SMRT Corp REALLY has a culture issue with the latest being 4 x- n current employees on fraud charges to the tune of S$9.8m!! Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. 

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