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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 25 December 2017 - Xmas Day n ...

1. scanned the headlines n m glad not too many terrorism or terrorism related attacks/incidents ard the world on this important day for the Christians. M glad to read some non-Christian friends sending Merry Christmas greeting to each other n not get stuck in some narrowed views by some so-called relights scholars/teachers thar it was WRONG to do that!!

One must be an open religious person to be truly religious as the relationship between god(s)/creator/divine "something" is none of earthling's biz!!

2. Russia's Putin or Putin's Russia!?

Looks like the rigging n wayang (for the Russians, it means charade or farce in Singlish) will go on. Or the West says famously: " The show must go on! No matter how aweful n painful to watch!!".

Another "almost credible" opposition candidate had been declared "ineligible" due to a suspended sentence over an alleged political charge to stand against Putin!!

Come to think of it, Sgp  recently elected President that never did go to election, has a bit of this Russian's flavour though we r very much more democratic than Russia!

All these will come to an end. Just a matter of when than if it will come to an end. For one man's glory n power a nation's overall needs for freedom of political choice is sacrificed. Maybe it is worth it if the majority of the people r happy. Maybe not? The Russians hv to decide.

Notes: Maybe Putin is Rus-Putin n he is meant to be?!

Merry Christmas as the day comes to an end all over the world.

Let's see how it will cope after Christmas day!!

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