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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 15 December 2017 - Jerusalem?

1. "Israeli troops wound more than 40 Palestinians in protests over US Jerusalem move"

HonesTks 40 injured is not going to change anything!!

The Palestinians would need to be more determined to show the armed forces of Isreal that all of them, in the millions really want Jerusalem, called it by another name whichever works, to be the capital of Palestine too.

Only then will the voice b loud n United enough to create troubles n problems for Netanyahu's administration incessantly for the Isrealis voters to vote for a government that will bring peace, hence a better chance for stability n prosperity to prevail!!

Otherwise, Trump is RIGHT. That nothing big will happen even if he declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Isreal!!

2. "New quick-reaction officers patrol crowded districts to deter terror threats

SINGAPORE: New quick-reaction teams have been deployed to areas with high human traffic as part of Singapore's defence against terrorist threats.
Largely made up of specially selected full-time national servicemen (NSFs) from the Singapore Police Force, these In-Situ Reaction Teams (IRT) have been patrolling areas such as Orchard Road and Marina Bay Sands since the beginning of December.
The IRTs are part of the Protective Security Command (ProCom), which was established to provide quick reaction forces to neutralise armed threats.
The officers in these teams are entrusted with greater responsibilities to take action where swift police intervention is required. Specially selected NSFs are trained in special tactics as part of an intense training regime."
A timely reminder that Sgp's belief is that terrorists attack will happen here n it is a question of when n not if it will happen!
As Xmas n the year end festivities r upon us soon. There is absolutely no reason to release with the New York attack! 
Let's hope these IRT members will never hv to put their intensive training into practice. At the same time should the need ever present itself, that they will aquite themselves with sterling performances!!

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