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Monday, December 11, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 09-10 December 2017 - Unjustified attacks against out police!

Before commenting on today's news, just wondered what is in the mind of Msia Defense Minister's mind when he said: The Malaysia armed force stands ready for Jerusalem?? Trump declared it to be the capital of Isreal n not that of Islam. What is the issue? Palestinians can declare it to be their capital if they like. It has nothing do with Islam!!

"Unjustified attacks made against the police must be rebutted: Shanmugam

SINGAPORE: Unjustified attacks made against the police must be rebutted as they are a huge disservice to the officers who put their lives at risk every day to make Singapore, Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said on Sunday (Dec 10), in a second post voicing his support for the police in their raids on illegal brothels.
Earlier on Saturday, Mr Shanmugam had written about the online criticism levelled against the police for multiple raids on brothels in the Rowell Road area, saying sympathy for victims of syndicates should not colour our views on what the police need to do.
His posts follow an online video made by a woman who had taken footage of the police during the raids, accusing them of excessive force, hurting the female sex workers, and having used the services of the women.
The post has since been removed.
“If she really believes these allegations, she should write in to lodge a complaint. I will direct an independent investigation. She should come forward and give credible evidence, and subject herself to being questioned as well,” Mr Shanmugam said in a Facebook post on Sunday evening.
“In many countries, unjustified attacks on Police have eventually led to the weakening of law enforcement. We do not intend to let that happen in Singapore,” he added."
Shang hasn't spoken in the press lately. So, it was good to see him back in the news!!
Not sure who the woman was n what exactly is her point. 
If it was abt the policeman had "used" the prostitutes then arrested them, it is part of the price for an uncovered policeman! A convincing stint operation needs that. 
This rant abt need for fair treatment of sexual workers is fair. Yet, claiming the police has abused them n/or used excessive force on them is a bit unreasonable. Some resistance r expected. Still, nothing can replaced showing hard evidence to substantiate the claims. Else be prepare to be challenged n even charged!
Peace to the sex workers if they were been human trafficked!!

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