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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 06 August 2017 - Power vs. Capitalism

"Apple's China problem highlights conundrum for tech sector

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple's decision to bow to Chinese officials by removing apps to sidestep online censorship underscores the dilemma faced by US tech companies seeking to uphold principles while expanding their business.

The iPhone maker is the latest from Silicon Valley to face a conundrum in balancing their value for human rights and free expression against a government intent on controlling online content.
Apple this week acknowledged it had removed applications for so-called VPNs or virtual private networks, despite objections.

"We would rather not remove the apps, but like in other countries, we obey the laws where we do business," Apple chief Tim Cook said during an earnings call.

"We are hopeful that over time, the restrictions we are seeing are loosened, because innovation really requires freedom to collaborate and communicate, and I know that is a major focus there."

The prospect of Apple scoring a hit with a 10th-anniversary iPhone model in the months ahead appeared to outweigh backlash from online rights activists who criticized the world's most valuable technology company for not standing up for online freedom."

There u hv this richest company in the world bowing to the government of a powerful market!! Only reason this is possible as the richest company in the world us greedy abt making more money even with USD280+B cash!! 

Pure capitalism has no moral component at all. So it is easier to just focus on the money making mission n not worried abt human rights n "freedom of expression". In fact Google won my respect, for a while, as it pulled out of CHINA a few years ago as it sticks to its "freedom of speech" value. Though it did come back as China is simply too big a market to ignore if it wants WORLD rank! 

Even that did not keep its gmail fr been blocked sometimes!!

In any case, people start to realise that the "freedom of speech" folks r still buying from dictatorial n oppressive countries. It is the environmentally friendly folks in fact had a better chance to buy on their mental commitments!!

e.g. stop buying animal linked products; or
e.g. nuclear contaminated foods, etc.

So, live on Apple though u REALLY wanted to be politically correct!! 

Just make money before the local brands catch up with u!!

ps: maybe Sgp foreign policy can be a bit more CAPITALISTIC? LOL!!

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