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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 03 July 2017 - MPs' performance...

03 July 2017 in Sgp is a significant day for the LKY's old house issue was "debated" in the parliament.

PM Lee stated his reasons n much regret any having the private family issue being made public n causing controversy on the PMship n the government.

I will leave the comments on PM's deliveries aside as he repeated what he had said earlier n through some of his colleagues.

I will comment on some MPs n in particular 2 NMPs' speeches:

1. NMP Kuik expressed that Sgp cannot hv the feeling that the powerful can make false accusations against the PM n the government without being brought to court to decide who is right! Justice must be served n seen to be served. WP MP Low raised similar point while some PAP MPs asked if parliament is the proper place to debate this issue. Kudos to these MPs for raising the tough question in a dilemma triggered by disagreement between PM Lee n his siblings.

2. some PAP MPs n cabinet members repeated what they had, which really should hv waited on this day, said earlier. That things r done per due processes. That conflict of interest r just red herring. Etc. Nothing new.

So, there r, thankfully right thinking MPs though thing should never had come to this.

For me, the PM had shown:
A. a mistake to allow the issue to become public; his eagerness, for whatever reason, to keep the old house against his father's last wish is perplexing.

B. if he is disquiet abt LKY last will, contest it in court;

C. did he want to gazette the old house when thw will was read to him n the whole family? dud this influence the formation of the ministerial committee?

D. if national interest is to be above personal interest, can he do the right thing to sue lwl n lhy for alleging abuse of power by the PM n organs of state were mobilized n used against them?

E. why didn't the current EP do anything when the integrity of the public services were questioned n attacked without any care?

So, the parliament still has hope to be vocal n present against the PM n the government!!

Peace to the LEEs!

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