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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 02 June 2017 - Nothing doing???

President Trump has been keep8ng his election campaign promises, albeit selectively, by getting out of TPP 1st day at work, n now pulling out of the Paris Accords, the much touted climate change initiative to save Mother Earth that 200+ countries signed up!!

Trump. Sorry I mean: President Trump supposedly does not believe in the scientific evidences produced by scientists to explain climate changes were due to human's insatiable greed to plunder earth's resources n producing too much "heat". Maybe he believes they were alternative facts that cannot be trusted!??

Anyway, some states in the USA will still observe whatever green initiatives the original commitments the USA had promised even when the country had opted out.

At the same time, Germany n China n France had clearly indicated they will proceed as originally committed. So, the USA will hv to be aware of the shift in balance its position in the world with other nations will play out.

Short term, the USA needs no one while most producing countries need the USA people to buy n consume whatever PRODUCTS n services they produced.

Longer term, maybe not.

God blesses America!

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