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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 30 April n 01 May 2017 - Various

30/4/17 - missed it as I travelled back from Shanghai via the "red eyes" flight.
01/5/17 catch up with various topics...

1. PMO Small Discussion Group with ordinary folks

Two of the participants talked abt how smart n how little manpower the factories need to produce at a high level of quality, quantity n speed. Also how eager n hungry the Chinese were using flexi time to learn m grow.

PM mentioned how we need to work harder n feel hungrier to keep up. For me, the big question is: how to live without having to work in the "old way" of long hours n without work-life balance?

If works n productions r done by AI machines n big data analytic that r far superior to human errors, human should be thinking abt how they can live comfortably in a low cost high quality environment if corporations can accept no super profit from the efficiency n effectiveness of producing products, services n solutions!!

We will see lower GDP despite producing more quantitatively due to lower average unit costs n prices!! Can we manage this anomaly!!??

Can we accept reduction in growth in $$ though productivity actually goes up??

Let the PMO folks go figure!!

2. Rumoured game that encourages teen suicide in Russia spread to UK?

Snopes.com said it is unproven that this recent phenomenon is responsible for more than 130 teen suicides in Russia in the last 6 months.

The game: "the blue whale" supposedly let the player be controlled by a master who will assign increasingly alarming activities culminating in the 50th n last task of killing oneself!! It took its name fr self-beaching blue whales that killed themselves!!

I hope this is not true n but just one of the ten of thousands of fake news or alternative fact the world has been forced to deal with.

I also hope if it is true, that our cyber cops will block n destroy it should it ever appear in Sgp!!

It is terrifying to think that young users would actually follow self harming tasks assigned by an unnamed n unseen "master" of a game!!

Is this how the new generation work? I believe not n that those influenced r just a very very small % of their generation though they fully deserve help.

Human kind still has hope i m sure...

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