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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 27 May 2017 - There is Hope?

"SINGAPORE: Singapore has to manage the population carefully, even as it grapples with its low fertility rate and the issue of having a stable population, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Saturday (May 27).

Mr Lee said that with the country's total fertility rate at about 1.3, Singaporeans are far from replacing themselves. About 30,000 babies are born as citizens every year and, to top up, about 20,000 foreigners become new citizens annually.

With about 50,000 new citizens every year, Singapore can "almost sustain a stable population", he added.

But it is not all about the number.

Mr Lee said: "We have to manage the inflow carefully, and make sure that the people who come can integrate into our society, make sure they have the abilities and skills to contribute to our economy, and make sure their hearts are in the right place and they will become good Singaporeans. We are a country, not simply a city or an economy.""

I m, n many others may also r, heartened by what PM Lee said here: "We r a country, not simply a city or an economy."!!

For the longest time he n his colleagues in the cabinet n government had warned us: we must hv 6.9m population so that we hv growth in our economy. Without growth we will be in deep troubles!!

This "growth at all costs" mantra n approach had some detractors n they were chastised n ridiculed as ignorant or short sighted n unhelpful. Few dare say these eventually. Now, at least some sense hv returned. That it is not just abt economic growth. It is abt how the new citizens r not making the original citizens 2nd or 3rd class citizens in their own country despite having the world best educational system, the richest per capita income, best whatever!!

If these new citizens indeed r loyal n good citizens. Maybe Sgp needs to confront n admit that something has gone terribly wrong with our world best educational system where we could not produce enough local talents to take up jobs by foreigners who r not citizens yet, biz peoe to run our TLCs5n GLCs profitably without having to sell out, or to hv leaders who r willing to work with integrity n heart n soul for its people drawing less than SGD500K/Yr instead if multi million dollar fixed pay?, etc.

Hv our leaders denied that "keeping the high fixed pay method" can become the very reason no one want to change the status quo? That those high fixed pay become an addiction that the addicts proclaimed to be "just n right"?

Hang I  there new citizens. There r turbulence ahead.

Join us together as we say: Majulah Singapura. 

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