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Friday, May 26, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 25 May 2017 - Can u trust the Americans?

Trump is troubles. No. No. Trump is PLENTY of troubles. From h8s dismissive behaviours to the refusal to reveal his tax filing, his biz deal8ngs, his firing of the xFBI Director who was investigating the alleged Russians' interferences with the last PE of the USA, his intelligence associates who r more interested to LEAK to the American presses of confidential information of the recent Manchester bombing, etc.  clearly shows that Trump has people that share his most pronounced trait, egoistic n fame or infamy whores!!

Do people understand the implication? can l still believe in the American way of "and justice for all"? One has to be very blind or of unsound mind to continue to believe that. Not now. Not until Trump m his clowns start to show integrity m transparency on sensitive ongoing issues m scandals.

It should hv been can u trust Trump n his admin folks. Yet, it is now a question of: can u trust Americans when their democratically elected President m his adm8n folks r showing unbelievable arrogance n incompetence in some sensitive issues?

U decide though it is unfortunate that we will hv to put up with this till impeachment comes!?

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