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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 23 May 2017 - Another cowardice terrorist attack@

Teenagers going to a pop concert. Having a little bit of fun. Do some of them deserved to die?? 22 of them are dead with 59 injured, some in critical conditions, last reported.

All because of one young terrorist who blew himself up with nails bomb!! A loser!?! Honestly it is accurately described by PM May that this is the most sickening n cowardice attack targeting at vulnerable young people who r innocent n defenceless!!

Not attacking a high security place like Westminster, government agencies or what not.

If this despicable suicide bomber is one of those that believes he will enter heaven, whoever endorsed this preaching simply has to be responsible for the bloods shed even though he or she didn't pull the trigger.

The name of this murderer will b revealed soon. Good job to the police of finding another device that they detonated under control explosion.

Will "soft" targets be subject to more stringent security arrangements in the future in other places n in Sgp? It has to be a yes!! Yet, no one will say this type of attack can be foiled. As long as there r mentally disturbed people around who want to commit terrorism, it will happen again. N again. Hopefully people know how to respond n keep the casualties count low to none.

Mentally disturbed doesn't absolve the murderers from taking responsibility. They must be punished without mercy.

May Sgp never hv to deal with this type of incidence. Fingers tightly crossed!!

RIP to the dead n condolences to the surviving families n friends. N speedy recoveries to the injured. 

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