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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 12-13 May 2017 - Lots to comment on ...

1. Trump's firing of the guy who probably helped him win his PE against Hillary besides Putin's help!!

I would simply love to see the expression on x-FBI Director Comey's face when he got the favourite line of Trump imagining he is still the host of the reality show: Apprentice instead of being the President of USA: "YOU r fired!!"

Trump was fast to praise Comey in Nov 2016 when he revealed FBI was still investigating Hillary's email-gate scandal, a stupid arrogant misadventure she brought on herself. Now, he was quick to fire Comey as he leads the investigation into Trump campaign n the Russians' hacking!

Good job for integrity n conflict of interests. Or abuses of Presidential power if the world's leading, supposedly, democracy!!

2. DPM THARMAN being conferred the top honour by NTUC

Honestly he does not need this recognition. In most voters' eyes n minds, he is good for PM. The 1st minority PM. It is quite meaningless for government n government sponsored organisations like NTUC, the local universities recognising our government officials.

Perhaps we can set a rule to avoid these awards? No?

3. One Road One Belt Convention (OBOR)

The USA passed a note to Beijing expressing its concern abt inviting North Korea n the Chinese responded this OBOR thingy is for all n quite separate from the nuclear testing by PROK.

The Chinese hv pressured PROK on that front but without any successes. In fact both sides took the unprecedented steps of criticising each other publicly. Surely the USA government is expecting too much of the Chinese!

In any case, the OBOR initiative is economic 1st n politics 2nd. It can take place in parallel to the nuclear thingy as far as the Chinese r concerned. If the Americas dont8get it or won't accept it, too bad!! The Chinese will still proceed as they envisioned!!

This is the law of "whoever has the files, has the say!" A rule the Americans got so used to until of late.

May OBOR b a success n see what possibilities can it open up for those countries involved.

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