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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 09 May 2017 - Ahok's "shock" sentencing

"SINGAPORE: The decision to sentence Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or "Ahok" to two years' jail for blasphemy was politically driven, his defence lawyer I Wayan Sidarta said on Tuesday (May 9).

"We respect the decision but we can't accept it. We understand the pressure surrounding this case, but we're disappointed.

"We will file an appeal to challenge the decision," The Jakarta Post cited Wayan as saying after the head judge of a Jakarta court found the Christian governor to "have legitimately and convincingly conducted a criminal act of blasphemy" against Islam.

According to the report, Wayan also questioned judges' decision to detain Purnama as he had been cooperative during the hearing. "Why should Ahok be detained? Ahok will still be governor, so he won't escape.""

Normally in a democracy, we should celebrate the independence exhibited by the judiciary. Yet in a short space of 2 months, I hv to say I m totally stunned by the judgement taken by the "independent" judiciary! 1st the 2 judges who looked at the law differently for the CHC case in Sgp, which is now under appeal on the point of law with public interest review. And this case where the judge(s) decided that the sentence asked for by the prosecutors r not severe enough n sent Ahok to 2 yrs jail n with immediate effect!! This when he is still the outgoing governor of Jakarta n in the process of assisting a smooth transfer of administration to the incoming governor n his team!! Also not withstanding Ahok is appealing this verdict!!

This decision has been watched by many because:

1. it shows that the authority i.e. President Jokowi has lost the ability to rein in the Islamic extremists n religion has been mixed with politics thereby shaking the founding principles of Indonesia;

2. the stability that a country hv when religion is separated clearly from politics will be gone as religion is a very emotional n personal thingy while running a nation of 200m with diverse needs n worldly interests need rationality. The 2 simply cannot mix!!;

3. when stability is threatened, all the talks n dreams of prosperity will take a back seat as nobody will hv the time n luxury to live n work harmoniously together on commercial thingy!! It is that simple!!;

4. when our neighbours r in turmoil, it will definitely affect us n other neighbours. Simple things that can be rationalised will become emotional if someone so decided to bring in religion!!

What will the appeal court decide? What will President Jokowi do next? Is this the critical turning point of no return or it is a timely alert to shock every moderate Muslims to truly seized control of speaking for Islam instead of letting the MINORITY extremists to dominate the national agenda!!

I hope it is the latter. So help us the Gods of all religions!!

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