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Monday, April 10, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 09 April 2017 - Why CHC trial is not 9ver yet?

My apologies for sticking to this case for the 3rd days in a roll.

A few observations:

1. this case shows that our judiciary is independent. Judges r charged to interpret the laws passed by the legislators, the parliament. The executive branch of the troika is the SPF n AGC to bring offenders to face charges. So the system is working though the judgment took many by surprise that resulted in a reduced sentences instead of an increase asked for by the public prosecutors!

2. Minister Shanmugan said this interpretation may hv implication on pending n future corruption cases n the government needs to take a look at it to keep up the stern n strong anti-corruption stand of Sgp. A hallmark that we will defend with vigour. He also said one should not attack the 2 judges personally even if one disagree with their interpretation.

The 1st point sits well with me as this interpretation is a bit technical. For the layman, insider committing fraud is worst than outsider right? Also aren't directors n employees paid a salary n even bonuses? This "not an outside agent that received professional fee" point must be very technical. Anyway, the Minister of Laws n Hone Gfairs is on it.

On the 2nd point, only a very emotional person would dare to "attack" a judge knowing they r very good with the laws.

3. it would be interesting to learn how much CHC has paid for the defences lawyers. Noting that the court DID say the defendants hv to pay for this themselves n not from donations; or maybe there was no such restriction as long as people want to donate willingly.

4. it shows once again that rationality has no chance against the powerfully emotional connections between the religious followers n their leaders. Even the 2 judges said more CHC followers "accept" the money misappropriated were for a good cause. Just that the methods were unfortunately "against the laws".

Good luck to AGC, the Minister n the government. 

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