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Friday, March 31, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 31 March 2017 - Apologies from an Iman n an Open EP?

1st of all a shout to the end of 1Q17! How time simply flies!! 3/4 year to go!! More or less still trying to fulfil 2017 Resolutions!!

1. "Imam apologises for remarks on Christians and Jews; says words were not from Koran - CNA 31 Mar 2017

SINGAPORE: An imam under police investigation for allegedly making remarks against Christians and Jews during his Friday sermon at a mosque has apologised, saying he is "filled with great remorse" and stressing that the supplication was not an extract from the Koran.

His lawyer Noor Marican said Imam Nalla Mohamed Abdul Jameel made the apology at the Harmony in Diversity Gallery at Maxwell Road on Friday morning (Mar 31), in front of Christian, Sikh, Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu representatives, as well as members of the Federation of Indian Muslims.

His apology is as follows:

To All Singaporeans.
I am filled with great remorse for the inconvenience, tension and trauma that I have caused to this peaceful country. My actions were not complementary to the ethos and essence of this young yet great nation. What I did, was done within the limitations of my personal exposure and adaptability. I had recited the additional supplication in Arabic, which was taken from an old text that originated from my village in India. It was not an extract from the Holy Quran.

As a resident here from a foreign land, I should have practised my faith in accordance with, and appropriate to, the social norms and laws of this country. I fully admit that my said actions have no place, wheresoever, in this extremely multi-religious and multi-cultural society.

This episode has educated and enlightened me, and I am deeply thankful to God for this realisation. I am also very relieved that the society has remained calm. I am glad that the Police had given me the full opportunity to explain myself during the investigations.

I fully respect the laws of the land and appreciate the concerns of her people. I am truly sorry that I had offended you, and I must bear full responsibility for my actions, as part of my duty to all Singaporeans and residents.

In response to media queries, the Ministry of Home Affairs said: "We note the apology. It is not appropriate to comment at this juncture because investigations are not finalised."

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) said it noted the imam's apology but also did not want to comment further, until after investigations are concluded. It had said in a statement last month that "there can be no room for discourse that promotes intolerance, enmity or violence against other communities."

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugan had said in Parliament religious preaching that encourages violence or pits one religion against another will not be tolerated in Singapore.

Video of the imam's remarks uploaded to social media sparked widespread debate, with some criticising the uploader for whipping up tensions between religious groups, and others saying he was right in bringing the matter to light.

Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim had called for calm in the Muslim community and said "on such sensitive matters, it would be better to go to the authorities in the first instance, rather than online"."

Hmm. Good that he has apologised. Alarming that he added something not from Koran in his "sermon". Being a foreigner here, he should perhaps leave so that he can practice what he truly believes instead of being "restrained" in this multiracial n multireligious society of ours; after the full police investigation.

2. "Tan Cheng Bock calls for Presidential Election to be open election

Dr Tan said that he was speaking up not for himself, but for “Singaporeans at large”.

“If I don’t become your president, never mind. I want you all to understand that you must speak and do what you believe in.”"

Interesting he raised this question now. Despite the EP Commission n the parliamentary debates, there is this feeling that somehow some public r unconvinced that the EP needs to be a Malay only one. Much like the unconvincing argument on the 30% water hike over 2 yrs!!

Anyway, my hope is that there will just be ONE candidate n the nation can save on the unnecessary campaign expenses n voting efforts, etc.

By the way, the EP Commission did on its own recommended reverting to the Appointed President since the Cabinet CAN VETO the VETO if the EP. LOL.

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