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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 25 March 2017 - No doubt water price hike is absolutely necessary

1st of all congratulation to Amos Yes for getting his political asylum being granted by the USA government, subject to appeal by the Homeland Security Dept in the next 30 days, if any.

For Sgp, it is probably good ridden as there is simply no place for one who espoused hate speeches against the sacrosanct race, religion n languages.

Hope Amos will find his peace n articulate respectfully his sometime useful different opinions.

"Hike in water price 'absolutely necessary': PM Lee

For the deep thinkers n more discerning people, what PM Lee said make sense. Especially longer term n those dire conditions he mentioned become a reality. e.g. heavier n more expensive new water technology; unpredictable climates causing unstable water sources; n growing population n hence consumption, etc.

Yet, he conceded his government perhaps can explain a bit earlier n prepared the citizens for such a big move in the year most said will be economically challenging!

That is the key!! The suddenness of this 30% hike over 2 years r questioned by the people. For the deep thinkers n more discerning citizens, does it signalled a "oh heck we took our eyes off the ball of our strategic water resources worry? Is this how the cabinet behaves? Not in the usual deliberate n far sighted planning it is known for to simple reacting to an issue that escaped all?

It is done. No way back. Life goes on. Yet, I just wish that the world highest pa8d government can be more visionary n far sighted like the old n older government S8ngaporeans had faithfully followed with high trust!!

Be careful as taking the people for granted n not able to convince them despite u r sure u r 110% correct is unhelpful for a stable political future!!

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