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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 01 March 2017 - Hard Talk with PM Lee

1st day of March n Hard Talk of BBC fame is in town to interview PM Lee.

Expected the usual "hard" questions which the program somehow were allowed to ask of the interviewee regardless of their social status; with the interviewee knowing hard questions will be asked!! Maybe the interviewee likes challenges? Whatever.

Of course, being so-called liberal n cutting edge, the producer(s) sometimes ask silly or self-righteous questions. There were some here too!

1. abt TPP, honestly without the USA, it does not mean much. If the rest of the 11 members all want to do it, fine. Go ahead. My take has always being such blocs r for retirement jobs of some bureaucrats as they could hv built fr WTO n APEC, etc;

2. Gay rights - the favourite question. My answer is: "If procreation is natural from male n female forming as one, then same-sex as one is unnatural!" Go do it if u like though expect not everyone to be LnG!;

3. Free press - another all time favourite! Responsible free press is the way to go. Sgp press is obviously overly politically correct. Reporting rather than providing different analysis. Some tried harder to voice voices different from the establishment though most r pretty compliance. The std of journalism left much to be desired in this sense. As to PM Lee's point abt millions would come if we allowed it, I m not so sure. If that is the case n locals can't keep up, the society will become unstable n the millions who escape poverty n war n other hardship won't come any more as this place will be no different from the world they escaped from!!;

4. succession plan for political leadership - since most r co-opt into politics, there is really no hope for Sgp future. The succession plan for PM has been established n the "leader" will be selected by the team members. This much is clear. The political view that Sgp has higher chance of success with one-party rule doesn't augurs well for the belief of: diversity will create more possibilities before selecting those that r executable to yield positive results. Will the oppositions amount to anything? Unlikely if they continued to be poor estate managers n the ruling party continued to provide what the majority of the locals wants. i.e. stability n peace in a multiracial multi-religious n multilingual society where prosperity n equity can be pursued.

Hard Talk is not that hard if u r well prepared for those questions. We r good at providing "std" answers.  Silly questions included.

People will ask did PM Lee do well in this Hard Talk program. For me, it is just another TV program n I m not sure he did well in the more sensitive questions.

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