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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Daly Lessons from Life 19-20 February 2016 - Obama on China's Territories Dispute and Indian's Caste Conflict

1. "Exclusive: China resorting to old style of ‘might makes right’, says Obama - CNA 20 Feb 2016

In an exclusive interview with Channel NewsAsia on the sidelines of the US-ASEAN summit in Sunnylands on Tuesday (Feb 16), the US President said the US will “continue to test” whether China is sincere in its pledge not to militarise the South China Sea."

It seems that way BUT ...

a. it is a GAME between the so-called 'powers' of the world, USA, China and Russia with their 'allies'. The pot should not even try to call the kettle black;

b. is it about the suspected or speculated 'rich resources' in/under these territories? IF indeed there are such 'resources', then it is best to be shared with ALL that are geographically close to them. From Singapore's experience, the International Court is the 'best' way to settle such territorial disputes;

c. if China is indeed using the 'might makes right' approach as claimed by President Obama, then it is obviously on the wrong track as history has shown time and again that no 'super power' nation can stand for too long when it is constantly engaged in arms conflicts with its neighbours! So, will the PRC leadership truly go for this route is unclear. From the actions taken thus far, it just want to establish a presence in those disputed territories.

Can Asean and USA and its allies do more? Sure. China will NOT risk having a conflict when it is perceived to be 'unreasonable'. The Chinese believes that 'those who caused troubles with a just cause will eventually be defeated, always!'.

2. "Lockdown in parts of northern India after caste clashes - CNA 20 Feb 2016

Indian authorities imposed a curfew and issued shoot-on-sight orders in a northern state neighbouring New Delhi on Saturday, after spreading caste protests left at least one person dead and troops were deployed, officials said."

The world often talks about the emergence of China and India due to its sheer combined population alone! Well, having MORE people does not MEAN a thing in today's world.

The sad reality of India is:

a. a touted, for publicity stunt mostly in some people's eyes and minds, world largest democracy is astonishingly so retarded in keeping a caste system! Where people are BORN into a higher or lower caste. Just like that! For me, being an anarchist, this simply does not make sense since I don't even endorse that some babies are born 'princes and princesses' while some are born as 'infant mortality number' due to 'their parents are different'!;

b. do the democratic voters want the caste system to be kept? If so, democracy does not means progression and enlightenment. It does not mean 'fair'. If so, maybe democracy has been given too much credit. Or fundamentally, the caste system was used, and is continued to be used, as a mean of consolidating the power of the higher caste while legitimately suppressing the lower caste. An eternal advantage from birth? Well, for the realists, we all know that there is no such thing as 'an eternal truth' in most cases!;

c. will the 'rioters' get their wish? will unfairness and discrimination be lifted against them? will they need to pay with more 'conflicts' and the unavoidable collateral damages of loss of properties and lives to get rid of the unfairness and discrimination? The rioters will have to consider carefully. At the same time, as voters in the next round of election, can they vote otherwise? Self-interest vs. self-interest. The majority win! Who will be the majority? Normally is the have-nots. So, we know where it is will be going IF we let more 'lower caste' people vote!

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