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Friday, January 1, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 31 December 2015 to 01 January 2016 - Farewell and Welcome

It was a relief to learn NOTHING from around the world as human kind said farewell to 2015 and welcoming 2016. This is one of the rare moments where truly: Nothing news is GOOD News!!

Farewell 2015

A lot happened. Some are good. Some bad. And some ugly. Some impacted us directly, some not. Where they may be, my approach is: Enjoy the Good, remember them and try to repeat them as hard as possible. Make peace with yourself about the BAD, learn from them and try to avoid them as hard as possible! Take in the Ugly, understand from a rounded perspectives and we can probably laugh them off and try our best to BEAUTIFY the Ugly within our power and imagination!

Be thankful for whatever I have. Health, Happiness and some doles. Fantastic family, friends, colleagues and society. Obviously as we move our circle of influence outwards, those at the outer regions are not always those with have STRONG INFLUENCE and control over. So, be humble at how much the people whom we want to influence ALLOWED us to influence them ,,, AFTER taking to self and reflecting...

Welcome 2016

It will be a TOUGH year economically for sure though I am NOT sure WHY 'dropping oil prices' are BAD for economy?

When I was younger, maybe 20 years ago, almost ALL eminent economists and financial gurus said: 'high crude oil prices are BAD for the economy as it WILL definitely jet up the PRICES of Raw Materials.' NOW, everyone seems so terrified of 'crude prices FALLING to the late teens'!!

It is a BID confusion. A BIG confusion actually. Have we gone so used to 'high crude oil prices' that we panic and became paranoids?

Whatever it may be, my approach to dealing with the unexpected in 2016 is: be aware, be flexible, be creative, persist, persist and persist with ears wide open, eyes wide open, legs ready to run, and hands ready to EXECUTE!

Nothing is impossible as long as we put our FULL MIND to them. Amen!!

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