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Friday, January 29, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 28 January 2016 - NEA could appoint volunteers as auxiliary officers

"NEA could appoint volunteers as auxiliary officers - CNA 28 Jan 2016

SINGAPORE: The National Environment Agency (NEA) could soon appoint volunteers to be auxiliary officers tasked to carry out enforcement actions.

This is one of the proposed changes to the National Environment Agency (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill introduced in Parliament on Thursday (Jan 28).

Individuals appointed to be auxiliary officers need not be from the public service. Auxiliary officers could also be given certain powers, currently held by NEA officers or employees.

Another proposed change is to grant NEA's officers or employees more powers. They could be allowed to photograph or record the scene of any offences under the National Environment Agency Act.

The Bill will be read again at the next Parliament sitting."

This should be fun!

1. volunteers must be properly trained to exercise vigilance as well as constraints and understanding;

2. if the suggestion do become law, it must be clear that anyone who accosted the appointed volunteers WILL be dealt with severely by the law enforcement agencies;

3. hopefully the volunteers can be exemplary NEA role model that will INSPIRE the errant offenders and all others to 'care after themselves, be litter-free, be environmentally aware and active'!

More changes coming our way! Exciting time indeed for Singapore as it starts its journey towards SG100!!

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