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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 22 January 2016 - Innovative North-South Corridor!!

1. "Former NTUC chairman Phey Yew Kok sentenced to 60 months' jail - CNA 22 Jan 2016

Phey pleaded guilty to 12 charges on Friday (Jan 22), including the misappropriation of over S$243,000, after being on the run for 35 years."

Good for him. Though it will never be known why he decided to come back after 35 years, he is back and paying for his 'mistakes'. A pity he did not come back before our late MM/SM/PM Lee was still around. That would be a great closure. Still, this one will do.

2. "North-South Expressway to be redesigned into North-South Corridor" - The Straits Times 22 Jan"

This is TRULY BOLD and VISIONARY in my mind! So, while Minister Khaw is NOT my favourite Minister for some of his past utterances, I have to give credit when credit is due!

Lessons for me are:

1. it takes gumption to ASK/ORDER a re-design when something had already been DESIGNED and all set to go! It shows a man with power and wanting to use that power to MAKE INNOVATIVE DECISION!;

2. to have a double decker highway with the lower portion dedicated to vehicles and the upper level with 1 bus-only lane and 1 dedicated to cycling besides vehicles is BRILLIANT and truly demonstrated 'actions to achieve the Vision'! As an American management guru in the early 80s said, or some wise person had said that even earlier, that: 'Vision without actions merely passes times while Vision with Actions Changes the World!' This decision to CHANGE the design shows that desire!;

3. will this fire up the IMAGINATION of Singaporeans to dream the impossible or improbable: that Singaporeans WILL cycle, most of time, to work, to play, to study etc. eventually? Can we DO this within the next 6-12 months in the CBD with ONLY cycling? e.g. a tricycle like the one I saw in Paris with a FULLY enclosed glass/fibre-glass body that we can fit a solar-powered aircon that allowed 2 persons or even 4 to sit in it and ride! In this way, the perennial complaints of 'Singapore is too humid and hot and I don't want to get soaked in perspiration walking or cycling around!'?

I must say I have NOT been excited by a policy for a long while. So, kudos to Minister Khaw. I await with excitement for that day when Singaporeans rely MORE on foot power than car power to move around!

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