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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 10 January 2016 - Right behaviours, attitudes and values will lead to cleaner environment: Masagos

"Right behaviours, attitudes and values will lead to cleaner environment: Masagos - CNA 10 Jan 2016

SINGAPORE: The Republic should aim to build a culture where Singaporeans not only desire a clean environment but also own the behaviours, attitudes and values that would allow them to achieve it, Environment and Water Resources Minister Masagos Zulkifli said on Saturday (Jan 9).

He added: "If we can get that done, we can certainly get a few people who have the right behavior to encourage others to also have the right behavior."

Mr Masagos was speaking at a dialogue session, where close to 40 participants offered their ideas on how Singaporeans can strive towards keeping the environment clean, green and sustainable.

A common theme that emerged was how to encourage citizens to take more responsibility in keeping the country litter-free. One suggestion was for more cleaning drives to be held within the various communities.

The session took place at The Future of Us exhibition at Gardens by the Bay, and was part of the SGfuture Engagement Series. The series is meant to give Singaporeans a platform to share their views, aspirations and ideas for the country's future, and will go on until March.

"At the end of the day, I hope this is something everybody wants to come forward, modify their behavior and consumption, to contribute towards a better global climate."

The next two sessions, on food waste recycling and the future of hawker centres, will be held on Jan 10."

Having the citizens to OWN the issues and be responsible for the resolution is the ULTIMATE solution for sure!

Lessons for me are:

1. the ORDER as listed: 'Right behaviours, attitudes and values' is perhaps better in this order: 'Right values, attitudes and behaviours'.

Actions follow Intentions. Intentions are influence by values and attitudes.

e.g clean up after ourselves at the hawkers centre - Values: clean and neat eating space and adequate ordering with no wastage of foods. Attitudes: cleaning up is the right thing to do and is not dirty or something to be ashamed of. Hopefully the Behaviours that resulted from these Values and Attitudes are: instinctively clean up after ourselves at the hawkers centre!

i.e. VAB instead of BAV!!

2. for THOSE who don't have the VAB, then BAV may work with them as in: seeing EVERYONE around him/her cleaning up after themselves after meals at the hawkers centre (Behaviours) may 'peer pressured' them to also 'clean up after themselves' (reactive Behaviours). If this is REPEATED often enough, maybe it will trigger them to THINK ABOUT: why should these Behaviours be the 'right' ones? Or, since they are doing it REPEATEDLY, their Attitudes towards this may become: 'it is ok to just do it. No big deal. It seems to be helpful for the next patrons waiting for the table. etc.' That may lead them to see the VALUES of their Behaviours!

This is stretching VAB in reverse a bit BUT no harm preaching it if it help!

3. 40 participants is NOTHING in the light of the 5.5m residents/citizens in Singapore. Still it is a stay. IF these 40 participants can EACH touch and influence 10 people to BEHAVE in the SAME WAY, assuming these 40 have ALREADY INTERNALISED the 'clean and green' VAB, then we will have 40x10 = 400. These 400 can then EACH touch and influence ANOTHER 10 each, it will become 400*10 = 4000. You can see the power of 10x!

So, it is POSSIBLE to make the MINDSET change starting with Values, Attitudes then Behaviours.

May the 'Future Clean and Green Singapore' flourishes with VAB!!

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