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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 25 December 2015 - Singapore Inventions or Experiments with Renewable Energy ...

Merry Xmas to all. Joy and Peace to the World. A tired one what with the many manmade and natural disasters, senseless killing, and other 'bullshxt' going on! Truly needed a break.

"From bacteria to wind power: NTU leads charge in developing renewable energy sources - CNA 25 Dec 2015

SINGAPORE: Wind farms seen in countries such as the United States are not feasible in Singapore due to space constraints and low wind speeds. That is why Nanyang Technological University (NTU) researchers have come up with designs for wind turbines specially adapted to Singapore's climate.
The blades of their turbines are made of a lighter material and are angled in such a way that they spin fast even at low wind speeds. The capacity of each turbine is 50 kilowatts of electricity - enough for the daily power consumption of 70 households.
Researchers are also working to improve the designs of tidal turbines to address challenges in deployment. Waters around Singapore are warmer, which means more marine organisms will grow on the turbines and slow them down.

The wind turbines will be deployed on Semakau landfill by July 2016, and the tidal turbines by July 2017. It is part of a project to build a power grid that integrates renewable energy sources.

The initiative is known as Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator - Singapore. The grid will cost an initial S$8 million, and is expected to attract S$20 million more in project investments from industry participants.

In a separate project, NTU researchers have found an eco-friendly way to produce hydrogen gas, which can be used as fuel.

First, a chemical is added to a culture of E coli bacteria to produce electricity. Such bacteria are commonly found in the environment, in the intestines of people and animals and some strains that can cause diarrhoea and food poisoning.

Under sunlight, the electricity helps to break up water into its components of hydrogen and oxygen.

Professor Loo also said using hydrogen gas can help reduce reliance on fossil fuels. The team hopes to develop the idea into a commercial product in the coming years."

Well. On a brighter note, Singapore has scientists working on these Renewable Energy projects. This is GREAT! We need to grow our expertise in these areas and hopefully be self-reliant on our energy needs in the future.

Instead of Inventions, I would call them 'experiments'. Good luck!!

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